Pomorie - a place where salty hair and sandy                                  feet signal happiness

                                                                              A Town of White and Black "Gold"


In the times of the ancient Rome salt was known as “white gold” and it was one of the reasons for the establishment of ancient Anhialo ( Pomorie). The production of salt was developed as a process 2,500 years ago and today one can watch the old extraction technique in action at the only Museum of Salt in Eastern Europe.
However, nowadays, the famous “black gold” - the priceless mud, extracted from Pomorie Salt Lake,  is the reason why the town has become a haven for spa and wellness tourism. It is here that the most modern wellness center on the Balkans can be found, along with several spa hotels, offering an incredible array of procedures. The bottom of the lake produces barely 1 mm of mud per year, rich in a diversity of chemical elements and biologically active compounds. Pomorie mud improves the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system. It also strengthens the reproductive system. It has a good cosmetic effect as well on a number of skin diseases. Several methods are applied. The oldest one is the so-called Egyptian method: the body is covered in mud and stays in the sun, then the mud is washed away.There are also mud bathtubs, which are filled with lake water, lye and mud.  Any mud healing procedure has a powerful impact on the entire body and  the supervision of a doctor is required.
 Fine wine lovers can also find their favorite place here – the largest wine cellar on the Balkan peninsula is situated in a beautiful park by the sea. Guests can taste the divine elixir through different stages of its maturing and learn  some of the  secrets  for  exquisite  wine making.

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